I'm not much of a traveler and I'm not too familiar with everything that the Capital Region has to offer just yet. I love it here and I don't have too many complaints, but there's got to be something we need desperately.

The question that I pose to all of you is, if you could collectively be granted one wish for the entire Capital Region, what would it be?

All I've heard over the last year that I've been here is "We need Uber"!

Is that a thing? Is Uber needed that much?

Don't get me wrong, that would be great. However, there's got to be something else we need or maybe desperately want.

How about more parking in certain parts of the cities? How about Billy Joel or Garth Brooks plays a weekend at the Times Union every Summer?

Maybe we can be a little more compassionate and wish for more room homeless shelters or have no one go hungry?

What would you wish for?



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