The feelings you have going through the TSA check points on your travels are mutual to your fellow travelers. Take the shoes off, sweatshirt/jacket, take the lap top out, let them know about the medication you have (yes, I promise that's just my inhaler), take off all of your jewelry and hope that it all makes it to the other end of the conveyor belt.

This always sucks to go through, while completely and totally necessary for our safety.

Unfortunately, for one woman, Kana Chi-Muranbeeld earlier this month after going through the check point she realized that the setting for her engagement ring had damaged and the diamond was now missing. She was sobbing when a TSA officer, Louetta "Rainy" Littman came over to check on her.

Then the search began. Stacks of bins, under machinery, searching every inch of the check out lines when, ten minutes into the search, Officer Steven Kaminski found the diamond with a tissue in a bin.

From WTEN, the diamond owner, traveling from Florida wrote:

“I have never in my life been so panicked and upset in an airport, let alone anywhere else in public before,” wrote Kana Chi-Murenbeeld in a thank you note to TSA.  “Somehow the prong of the stone in my engagement ring broke. The amazingly kind and caring supervisor on duty, Louetta Littman, was on top of the situation right away, having her team of officers scour the area as well as calm me down with her optimistic attitude.”

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