Big menus, good food,  fast service, convenient hours, and fair prices.  Morning, noon, or night - nothing beats a quality Diner - and thankfully we have many to choose from here in the Capital Region.

Some diners are known for their massive breakfasts, meaty triple-decker sandwiches, or pancakes the size of your head; maybe even all three. But they all usually offer bottomless coffee, some sort of hearty meat and potato special, delicious homemade desserts, and an open table just for you.

The other thing we know about diners is that every city, town, or village has at least one their community adores, and the one featured in this post certainly qualifies.

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

About 70 miles west of Albany, in Cooperstown NY, baseball reigns supreme - but a teeny-tiny little Diner sits in the heart of the village, barely recognizable.

In 2022,  the Cooperstown Diner turned 100 years old, but blink and you might miss this cozy spot nestled right on Main Street in upstate NY's most famous baseball town.

"We are a small-town diner offering big-time hearty, home-cooked meals.

In our tiny diner, we will always find room to fit you in, no matter what the season!" -Cooperstown Diner

One of the tiniest diners in New York, what they lack in size, they most certainly make up in flavor.  The menu is extensive; foodies rave about their famous honey-dipped fried chicken, foot-long hot dogs, homemade corned beef hash, juicy burgers, fluffy pancakes, and eggs served a thousand different ways.

How tiny is the Cooperstown Diner?

It's been featured in multiple publications, and highlighted as one of the smallest restaurants in the entire world! The Cooperstown Diner, located at 136 1/2 Main Street is so small it only has 1/2 an address and just 26 seats.

Recently, we asked GNA listeners to "Name Your Favorite Capital Region Diner"

Since we didn't ask the reason "why," I think it's safe to assume that these places ranked high for food, comfort, convenience, and nostalgia.

Before we get to the Top 5, here are a few honorable mentions in no particular order: Bubbles and the Ugly Rooster in Mechanicville, The Rt. 50 Diner in Ballston Spa and On the Hill Cafe in Watervliet.

Top 5 Favorite Capital Region Diners

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