I have an old friend that I grew up with out on Eastern Long Island.  Her name is Robin Levine.  Check out her incredible ongoing tale of woe thanks to Hurricane Sandy

Through the power of the almighty Facebook, I've been able to keep up with her posts.  Robin recently married and moved to Glen Cove, Long Island. She and her family has been a victim of this horrible storm.  We caught up with her on the air.  Stop what you're doing and listen to the interview below.  (She also sent pictures)

mp3 version


photo by Robin Levine

Those things are supposed to be on your roof, not the ground!

The Nor'easter that came thru Long Island and NY right afterwards.  Like they need MORE problems

photo by Robin Levine

and this is just fallen ONE tree on ONE street in ONE Long Island neighborhood.  Unreal.

photo by Robin Levine

OK, I lied.  Here's yet another tree.  Look at the power lines.   How can that be left that way?  Wouldn't that be enough to make you nervous?

It's heartbreaking and no immediate fix in sight.  If you haven't already, we ask you to make a donation large or small to the Red Cross relief effort.   And thanks to Robin and her family for sharing the photos and her story.