How would you like to save three lives and get a pint of delicious ice cream in return? It's time again for the "Give A Pint, Get A Pint" promotion with the American Red Cross and Stewart's Shops. Here's how you can help. According to Stewart's Shops, it's their fifth annual Pint for a Pint Campaign with the American Red Cross. There is a critical need for blood donors all across New York state and here in the Capital Region. If you give a pint of blood throughout the month of June, you will get a voucher to receive a free pint of your favorite Stewart's ice cream.

The American Red Cross of the Eastern New York Region is happy to team up with Stewart's Shops for its fifth consecutive year. If you are willing to be a blood donor during the month of June, you will get a coupon for a pre-packaged Stewart's gelato or ice cream flavor of your choice at your local Stewart's. One pint of blood is able to save three lives so you might as well get a sweet treat in return.

Blood donations are at a critical low because of fewer people donating during the pandemic. It is safe to do and there is a huge need for blood donation in the Capital Region. You can make an appointment, find a blood drive, or a donation location by clicking HERE. You can also call the American Red Cross at 1-800-733-2767.

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