Depends on how you look at it, my young friends.  Many say that older people are oblivious to what's going on around them when driving.  Well, not so fast, wize guy!!!

Oblivious might be the wrong word.  In fact, they might be more astute in some ways. According to an article in Scientific American:

Debate about older adults' driving skills often touches on obvious impairments, such as failing vision and heavy medication use. But a new study suggests a deeper neurological explanation for why seniors have a hard time spotting obvious objects on the road: They might actually just be better at perceiving large-scale movement in the background, an ability that could compete with attention paid to smaller objects in the foreground.

That's great news.  At least PART of our brain is working---maybe TOO well!!   So anyone who's behind a senior citizen screaming because their turn signal is on-- be assured that they're aware--just of the wrong things!   We're FAR from being senile--trust me.  And we're also FAR from being senile--trust me!!!!  (Now I forgot how to get out of this screen and go back to what I was doing------now what was I doing??????)