Be Safe And Be Seen On Halloween
Halloween is here and it's important to be reminded of some simple safety tips that we can use both as a trick-or-treater and someone who is out and about tonight.
Drivers Seem To Get Ruder
Over the weekend, the wife and I were out doing errands and going here and there, typical catch up weekend stuff. We were leaving a store, and as we were about to move when the light turned green, the person behind me just laid on his horn.
NASCAR Drivers Select Songs for Introductions
If you wanted to be linked to a song that everyone knew, what would it be?  Do you have a favorite that immediately comes to mind?  Or do you need some time to think about it?  Well, the NASCAR drivers racing this weekend in the Jeff Byrd 500 Presented By Food City at Bristol Motor Speedway had to m…
What Drivers Do On An Off Weekend
This weekend the only racing for NASCAR's three national touring series is at Darlington for the Camping World Truck Series.  Both the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and Nationwide Series drivers have an open week.  So what do the drivers do with a weekend off?