Woman finds a giant-sized spider in Upstate NY bathroom

I'm not saying that I would burn down my entire house if I ever saw something so ginormously terrifying in my bathroom, but I'm not saying I wouldn't burn it down either.

I actually don't know what I would do or how I would react if I came face-to-face with a thick, furry, 4-inch spider like the one found by a woman in her Upstate NY bathroom.

Images of the sizable spider were shared by a woman named Anne Marie Hoagland who lives in Corning, New York, approximately 3 hours southwest of Albany.

She posted the pics to a Facebook group called Wildlife and Nature Lovers of Upstate New York, and as you can imagine, it garnered plenty of reaction.

What type of spider is it

Hoaglund, who says she's always loved spiders, told us she believes it's an American nursery web spider described as a "rather plain-looking creature that is much cooler than its looks suggest."

Photo: Anne Marie Hoagland Facebook


According to experts, "this spider is known for being sexually cannibalistic, meaning that the female tries to eat its male mate" and they're BIG.

The spider, which can be up to 3 inches long when its legs are spread out, is generally harmless to humans.  Their bite produces nothing more than some discomfort and swelling

"I’ve always loved spiders, when I was a little girl, I would rescue them, and pick them up, so I’m a bit different, they don’t bother me, and I think they are beautiful" Anne Marie Hoagland


What would YOU do?

This thing is so large, it should be paying rent, but to be fair, the woman in Upstate NY who shared the photo on social media told us that despite its alarming size and looks, she has no plans to make him (or her) find a new place to live.

"I will not kill it," she told us.

Photo: Anne Marie Hoagland Facebook
Photo: Anne Marie Hoagland Facebook

"I’ll probably just let him do his thing", she seems pretty content behind my hot water tank area, and my home is far from sealed up properly, so I feel like he or she can just go back outside if he wants."

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