Sorry,Brian,  but I had to do it.  It's my job, Brian! 

When I listen back to the lyrics of my own parody, I can't even believe I wrote it, meaning that I can't believe that Brian Williams of all people is in any kind of jeopardy.


brian williams
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I always default to his newscast every nite, just from habit. I've always enjoyed his delivery, and more importantly, I love that fact that he has a sense of humor.  Be that as it may, I had to pick on him ,because that's my job.  (and in case you don't know the backstory here, see my last blog)

I tried to find a song with the word "lie" in the title (for rather obvious reasons).  I went with "Lyin' Eyes" by the Eagles.

Now that you've heard this, I will give you the disclaimer that I really hope the issue is dropped, and that he isn't!


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