Hitting the road for any reason for Halloween? Make sure you are following the rules of the road!

Halloween is a day of fun for many, and this year the New York State Police will be out to make sure those who want to do just that will have a safe environment to do so. According to a report from WNYT Channel 13, the state police will be ramping up patrols on Halloween to crack down "...on underage drinking, and impaired and reckless drivers." A big focus will be put on catching drivers using their phones while driving.

Basically, this is a warning to be extra diligent on the roads this weekend. With so many kids and families heading out and about to celebrate Halloween, the increased police presence an action to keep everyone safe. Yes, I am sure the police also want to catch those breaking the law and the rules of the road. But the most important aspect of their presence will be to discourage that from happening.

Stay safe out there and follow the rules of the road! You will not only be watching out for all those celebrating Halloween, but you will also be protecting your own wallet from any traffic fines!

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