If you like to go fishing in New York lakes with your whole family, there is good news. The Department of Environmental Conservation has stocked the lakes and are helping to make sure kids can fish whenever they want. As part of the annual fish stocking program, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has made sure that the lakes have plenty of fish for the season. In Rensselear Lake alone, they dumped in seventeen hundred rainbow trout.

According to News Channel 13, the nine hundred thousand pounds of fish are raised in a dozen hatcheries all over the state. Then the DEC takes those fish and dumps trout, salmon, walleye, muskie and other species into the waters in New York. There are twelve hundred bodies of water the DEC stocks.

The reasons they stock the lakes, is to make sure people have plenty of fish to enjoy the sport of fishing and it helps to restore the Adirondack waterways with fish. They then are able to reproduce their own fish.

The DEC also works with many Capital Region libraries for those who don't have fishing rods. You can borrow the rods from libraries from Middleburgh to Cohoes. They suggest you call your local library to make sure they have one you can borrow.

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