If there's such a thing as hitting the lottery, without actually hitting the lottery, this may be it. A dog-friendly restaurant, bar and dog park is looking for a 'puptern' to play with puppies and will pay you $100 and hour for your puppy petting skill.

According to News 10 ABC, the dog friendly restaurant, bar and dog park is offering up this 'dream job' to the right candidate and it's completely legit.

Mutts Canine Cantina is opening up a new place in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area and is looking for what they call a 'puptern'.  According to their instagram post they're looking for 'a photo or video by 11/12 that shows us your puppy petting skills'

They've also asked that you use #MUTTSpuptern and tag @muttscantina for a chance to be hired as their Puptern, which will pay you $100 per hour.

If a co-worker tells you their putting in their two weeks, and you know they haven't hit the lottery, this may be the reason why!

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