In the New Year those without EZ Pass will pay a surcharge when using the New York Thruway.

The new cashless toll system on the Thruway will start costing you more cash in 2021 if you do not have an EZ Pass account. According to a Daily Gazette story, the New York Thruway's Board of Directors approved a 30 percent surcharge Tuesday for passenger vehicles passing thru tolls without EZ Pass. The Gazette report says this fee is typical for other states using the cashless system.

Now obviously the plus side of the cashless system is faster passage through tolls, which we all get. The less traffic we deal with on the Thruway the better. And there are discount plans in place as well to encourage EZ Pass purchase. But is it fair to force someone to pay 30% more if they do not want to get an EZ Pass account? The Gazette says there is already a $2 monthly fee in place for drivers who are billed, so those without EZ Pass are already essentially already paying for not having EZ Pass. Now with the 30% surcharge, travel without the pass could get costly. Feels a little steep, especially during these challenging times.

Of the minority who have yet to jump on board with EZ Pass, they would probably be more inclined to get one if the discount pans already available were the focus, not a surcharge. And if the systems were already built and put in place without the monthly fee - why charge more now?

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