Niskayuna Police are warning residents about scammer impersonating Police to get access to personal information.

If someone calls you saying they are a local Police officer and asks for sensitive, personal info, be wary! According to a Times Union report, a Nisky resident filed a complaint about two callers: the first who said there social security number was 'compromised' and a second posing as a Niskayuna Police Officer saying they had to withdraw all their money from their bank accounts to bring home before they were issued a new social security number. As you would imagine, both made the resident suspicious.

This is a great reminder that no one - Police, credit card companies, etc. - will ever call you asking for personal and sensitive info. If anyone does, always play it safe and report the incident to authorities. And if for some reason you think you bank or someone else legitimately needs to speak with you, just call the official customer service numbers for your accounts. It is always best to play it safe!

If you have received any calls like this, Nisky Police are asking that you please report it by calling 518-630-0911.

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