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Guy Gets DWI; Tells Police It’s Because ‘The Jets Suck’
We all know that police hear all kinds of excuses as to why people were caught speeding, texting, in an accident etc.  I think it's probably safe to assume that most of the time, a lousy football team isn't the go-to excuse. But one New York Jet fan told cops that he got drunk and cra…
Rex Ryan Guarantees Super Bowl Win
We're just a few weeks removed from the 2010-11 football season and already New York Jets Head Coach  Rex Ryan is talking smack. He says his team will make it to and win the big game next season.
NFL Divisonal Weekend
I certainly took a hit with my predictions from last week, going 1-3 thanks only  to a win by the Packers (sorry Sean). So let's see if i can redeem myself this week.
Rexamania is Running Wild
New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has been talking alot of smack leading up to his team's showdown with Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots this Sunday
Wild Card Weekend
It's Wild Card weekend in the NFL Saturday and Sunday and with the winter weather rolling in, it gives me yet another reason to stay in and just be lazy!
Bad Sportsmanship
I know i might catch some flack from Jets fans here but this is one of the most unprofessional things i have ever seen during a NFL game.