I'll get strange things in the mail but it's never usually something trying to scare me. Unlike these New Yorkers who found something in their mailbox that can't be explained.

Residents of Henrietta, NY (Monroe County) have reported finding very strange notes in their mailbox. Various residents in the Nevins Road neighborhood have been finding Joker cards with fake blood and that date "10/31," according to UPI.

One of the residents who received the card, Michelle Myer, said 5 other neighbors of hers also got the same piece of mail but with no other instructions. They don't know if it's warning of an upcoming prank, a notification of a party, but either way, the residents are not amused. She said, "Is it a sign that they're going to come back on Halloween and do something to my property? To my dog?"

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office is investigating and though they say so far they believe it to be a prank, are taking it very seriously. There is no video but you can find pictures on the Fox 11 News website.

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