Did you register to vote? You had the opportunity to do it right from the comfort of well, wherever you were with your smartphone. It was a simple internet form that needed to be done by October 14th to have you all set to place your vote this November. Apparently a lot of us in New York took that few minutes  because we've broken a record!

214, 356 people filed online voter registration forms between October 1st and the deadline. To give you an idea of what the "norm" is, 140, 602 people signed up for the month in September. So in half the time just a little under twice the amount set themselves up for this election.

Maybe it's due to the candidates and the controversy? Maybe it's feeling so certain of on candidate over the other? Maybe it's that this time it seems more important to vote than the previous years? Whatever the case may be, it's safe to say New York is ready!

I'll admit, I even made sure to fill out the form just to be sure I was registered. It's not like I hadn't voted before, nor have I moved since the last Presidential election but it's better to be safe than sorry. Voting is important and more than ever this year it seems to be top of mind for so many. How can it not be with how the debates went?!

So, are you registered? I hope so.

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