The heatwave this week as kids go back to school has led the New York Teacher's Union has proposed creating 'heat days' to close schools when it is too hot.

Just like snow days, school officials would be able to close school when it is too hot. According to a Times Union article, after this weeks heat wave and hot temperatures in schools without air conditioning, the state teachers union is once again calling for legislation that. "...would allow schools without air conditioning to declare an 'extreme heat day,' when the classroom temperature hits 82 degrees." The teachers union is hoping lawmakers will pass the legislation in 2019.

As this heatwave begins to wane later this week, the heat should not be as big a concern locally. If heat days do eventually egt enacted,  my guess is the kiddos will love them just as much as snow days. I mean, who wouldn't want to enjoy the last few hot days of summer with a day off?


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