More relief is on the way for renters during the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor Cuomo announced during his daily press conference today that more rent relief is on the way for New York state residents. First, the moratorium on evictions has been extended to Aug. 20. The Governor also announced two additional assistance measures that will also be in place through Aug. 20:

  • A ban on late payments & fees for missed payments
  • Renters can use security deposits as rent payment

You can see the measures announced today in a press release from the Governor's office.

This extended relief is certainly a welcome announcement for New Yorkers who are be struggling during these difficult times. It is scary enough facing the uncertainty of unemployment and how to cover bills; you could imagine the possibility of losing your home on top of all of that would be super stressful. Hopefully this measure can help those in need stay calm in the face of the challenges ahead, allowing them to focus on coming out of the other side of the pandemic in decent shape.

While it is out of our control, it is frustrating that many who have been affected financially are still in the same place as when this pandemic started.  Obviously, the most important thing has been making progress on the disease front as we have 'flattened the curve' of hospitalizations and new virus cases. That is great news, and hopefully everyone else effected by the disease starts feeling that same positive momentum in the near future.

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