Love to cast that line? This fall will bring even more opportunities to reel a few in on the Erie Canal.

Governor Hochul announced today New York State Canal Corporation will execute more water releases this fall from the Erie Canal into various tributaries which will create more fishing opportunities for New York Anglers. The planned releases will improve spawning opportunities in the canal in Monroe, Orleans, and Niagara, creating great fishing opportunities. Basically, the releases from the canal into various waterways will encourage fish to populate and navigate those waterways.

The releases are planned through mid-December and will involve what the Governor's office calls some of Western New York's premier fishing streams:  Oak Orchard Creek, Sandy Creek,  Eighteenmile Creek, Johnson Creek, and Salmon Creek. The increased water flow will encourage and increase the presence of brown trout, steelhead, and Atlantic and Pacific salmon.

The Canal Corporation releases the water every year to wrap every navigation season, which in turn helps them maintain not only the health of these legendary fishing spots, but in turn, extends fishing opportunities for anglers during the fall season. If you are an angler and would like to time out some of your fishing excursions with these releases, you can track the timing and location of them in the coming months here. The thing of the releases will also encompass 2 more free fishing days this year, coming Saturday, September 25th, and Veteran's Day Thursday, November 11th.

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