New York State may soon have an official sport!

New York State is known as the Empire State, the Eastern Bluebird is the state bird, the apple is the state fruit and now one lawmaker wants Baseball to be the official state sport.

Jim McIsaac, Getty Images
Baseball Hall Of Fame Jim McIsaac, Getty Images

Senator Seward, who represents Cooperstown, believes Baseball should be the state sport.  So much that legislation has been proposed.

I mean, if you thing about it, we are the home state to the Baseball Hall of Fame, we have the historic Parkhurst Field in Gloversville and we have 2 major league baseball teams in New York.

But, do we need an official state sport?

My only problem is that I am more of a football fan than a baseball fan.  Sure, the football Hall of Fame is in Ohio but we have 3 professional football teams that call New York home.  I think you can make an argument for Lacrosse.  If my memory of American history is correct, New York’s Iroquois Indians created Lacrosse.

I don’t know, maybe I am being too critical…what do you think?

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