Why I Can't Watch Mets Spring Training Games [PICS]
There has always been an emotional tie between me and my dad with the New York Mets. He would always stay in Port Saint Lucie for a month during spring training and go to all of their home games. One year I went to visit and we went to a few games together. But something happened during those games …
Chrissy Finds Dad's Cut-Out at Mets Game [PICS]
We bought a cut-out for my dad to be at the Mets home games this season and thought we would never be able to see him. Well on Saturday, while I was watching the game, low and behold I saw my dad's cut-out. Check out the screenshots that I captured.
Chrissy's Dad Cut-Out For The Mets
My Dad was a huge Mets fan. When we found out that the Mets were offering to put cut-outs of fans in their seats at Citi Field, our family knew we had to do it. Check out the picture we used and when you can see my dad in the stands during the Mets home games.
Hey- Lighten Up On Daniel Murphy, Will Ya?
This is a definite first – not necessarily for Met Daniel Murphy but for me.   This might be the very very first time I've ever done an editorial on sports.   Sports is not my long suit by any stretch of the imagination,  but this actually bugged me after I watched  th…