A study released yesterday by TRIP reveals New York has some of the most worn down bridges and roads in the country.The study revealed that 8 percent of New York's interstate bridges are structurally deficient, which ranks fourth worst in the nation, trailing Rhode Island, West Virginia and Wyoming. New York ranks 10th worst in the nation with interstate pavement that is in poor or mediocre condition. As if you need one more thing to worry about while navigating all the terrible drivers and road ragers out there!

Now, the good news is it seems our elected officials have recognized the issue locally and nationally. According to NewYorkUpstate.Com, Governor Cuomo and the state legislature cleared $27 billion in the budget last year to go towards infrastructure. Last year, President Obama also approved a $305 billion highway improvement plan.

Hopefully we start seeing these improvements come to fruition in the coming years so we can stay focused on all the terrible drivers and road ragers our there!