Once again someone has given classified military documents to Wikileaks. The latest incident involves over 700 pages of classified military information.

The documents were from Guantanamo Bay where the U.S. holds the most dangerous terrorists in the world. The Wikileaks documents that were stolen are no less than an act of treason in my eyes and if they find out who gave the information to Wikileaks they should be charged with treason and dealt with accordingly.

Some of the sensitive information in the latest batch of Wikileaks documents from Guantanamo include a very scary nuclear threat. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9-11 tragedies in NY City, Washington and Pennsylvania told American intelligence under interrogation that Al-Queda had hidden a nuclear bomb somewhere in Europe and that if Osama Bin-Laden was ever caught or killed they would detonate it and unleash a "nuclear hell storm". Here's the full story which is pretty scary from the Sydney Morning Herald of Australia.

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