Talk about a massive need to get a life!  Someone had an amazing "aha" moment in Germany.  Let's print out Wikipedia!!!According to,  this company, Pediapress figurd it would take 1,000,000 pages to do so.  That would work out to be 1,000 volumes at 1,200 pages each.

The point is to visually demonstrate  just how much information is on this viewer contributed website.

Well, DUHH!   WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!!  Why waste all that paper to show what we already know??

photo by Richie


I'd like to hear THAT phone call-

"Hello?  Is this Staples?  I'd like to order 1,000,000 pieces of blank paper and some binders?  Like 1,000 of them?  Hello??  Hello??????  I just heard a thud.  Did someone pass out?" 


In order to do this, they have to raise $50,000 and they are doing it through Indiegogo. Hey, I don't want to stop an idea - so I gave you the link in case you want to invest in this golden opportunity!  (Then your name might show up in Wikipedia for doing so - on page 1,000,001!)

I can't believe I'm writing this blog on the same week as Earth Day!!