Hudson - you might be a tough town to beat.  Lots of response, and a ton of "clicks" on our website to hear the tune.  I really appreciate it.  Now who's next? 

I have such a good time writing these, and even a better time knowing that you click on it.  It makes my day.  So let's keep the party going here.  Nominate a town and I'll "rhyme it up" for you.


Here's what I'm looking for in terms of information:

1.  Factual stuff - maybe a little history (just bullet points - no long paragraphs needed here)

2. Funny stuff - the bad street light, the road with the most potholes--stuff like that..

3. The best local restaurant, pizza place.  All the good local "color" of the area.

Please put your nominations in the comment section.  I will announce the town on the air and Facebook as well.

Would you like to hear some examples?

" title="Your Town Thursday Examples" align="center"]



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