Courtesy of Frazer Harrison, Getty Images.
I find it annoying sometimes when a group of my friends & I or my family & I go to order pizza, but no one can agree on what type of pizza because everyone wants something different.  There's a level of commitment there -- once you order toppings, you're stuck with that type of pizza.

You can't order a large pizza with two slices of mushrooms, two slices of just cheese, two slices of broccoli, and two slices of anchovies (gross!).  Maybe if you physically went to the corner pizza shop you could, but even then, you're stuck with the toppings already on there.

Of course, if you try to branch out by ordering a concoction of some sort or try a different type of pizza, maybe chicken parm or buffalo chicken -- you're stuck with it!  Again, committed!  What if I end up not liking it, especially if I usually like buffalo chicken at one shop, but just tried it at another and it wasn't so good. Well, have no fear -- a solution is here!  Get this -- WGNA is hosting "Pizza Wars," Thursday, February 3rd (tomorrow) at Proctors Theater in Schenectady.  Doors will be open from 5pm to 9:30pm and tickets are only $3!  Which means, you can try a bite of pizza from over 30 pizza shops and figure out what type of pizza you like best and from where!  What a great concept, isn't it?