On opening day of the Saratoga Race Course, police and NYRA weren't aware of how many people would be using ride sharing. Now that it has become very popular, they are making some necessary changes. NYRA and Saratoga Springs Police are making changes to the flow of traffic to accommodate the high demand of Uber and Lyft at the track. Opening day, a plan was not in place and traffic was at a stand still for two hours with people using ride sharing and gridlock for the track. The street that was designated for pick-up and drop-offs proved to be too small of the demand of ride sharing.

Now, all involved are moving the ride sharing area not only for traffic concerns, but also for public safety. Starting today (Wednesday) the area will be located directly across from the main gate of the track to Union Street near the front gates.

Uber is a ride sharing partner with the Saratoga Race Course.


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