And this one will be serving one of your most favorite guilty pleasure foods of all time.

Maybe like me in your younger years you were known to eat a bowl of ramen noodles or two. heck, when you are first living alone it is like the only thing you can afford! But maybe like me once you could start adding other things to your grocery list, you still grabbed the ramen at the supermarket because it tastes great!

Well, you are going to love this. According to Albany Business Review (ABR), a new restaurant that serves ramen will be opening in later this year between the 99 and Wolf's 1-11. The new establishment is being developed by the owners of the Kuma Ani restaurants on New Scotland Avenue in Albany, Crossgates Mall and Empire State Plaza.

Owners tell the ABR the restaurant will '...feature ramen and other noodles and poke — a Hawaiian dish with raw or cooked fish in a bowl with toppings.'

Ramen and noodles? I am in! All I need to do is grab a 30 pack of Natty Light and it will be just like I am back in college again!

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