In two weeks, a new bike tour is coming and people are so excited that the opening day is already sold out!

Rail Explorers USA is bringing rail bike tours to the Catskills and there's already a company in the Adirondacks. It lets people in groups of two to four explore nature at their own speed, pedaling their own bike. This new tour will take people between Phoenicia and Boiceville and is opening on May 26th. Opening day is sold out but no worries, they're planning on continuing tours seven days a week through October.

New York Upstate broke down the specifics of the ride: "Riders will start at the Empire State Railway Museum and pedal through nature for 4.2 miles to a turnaround near Cold Brook Road where they will dismount and enjoy the scenery and a picnic. Meanwhile, staff will turn the bikes around so that riders can pedal back."

Tickets are on sale now for $85 for a tandem bike, $150 for a quad.

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