If you live in the Albany area and know your country music, you'll know the name.  He's Eddie Kilgallon, formerly of  Ricochet and currently the keyboard player and musical director of Montgomery Gentry. He sent us a song that he wrote for his mom on Mother's day.  You've got to hear this!A little "back story" first of how I know Eddie.  In the 80's I played the local piano bar circuit in the Capital Region.  One of my favorite places for ivory ticklin' was a very nice establishment called "Daisy Bakers" in Troy.  I played every other week, and got to do my renditions of Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel and the like.  The person on piano stool on the alternate weeks?  You guessed it. A guy named Eddie Kilgallon.

kilgallon, eddie

I heard from the owner at the time that we both seemed to be playing from the same songbook, if you will.  I got a chance to hear him at one point.  Maybe we were reading out of the same book , but obviously not the same reading level!  Eddie went on to great things - first as a member of the award winning group, Ricochet ("Daddy's Money", "What Do I Know" ), playing keyboards, rhythm guitar and saxophone, and then leaving the band to join the multi-award winning Montgomery Gentry as musical director and keyboardist.

MG Stage

Every once in awhile he will check in and share an "exclusive" with us.  Several years ago he wrote an unbelievably touching song right after race car legend Dale Earnhart was killed.  It was called "It's Sunday Soon".  (Can't find a copy of that, darn it!)  The phone lines went berserk over that one.

This time he sent me this email.  I copied and pasted the exact words:

...I've got a special song to share with ya, a new recording I did for Mother's Day. You can tell listeners that they can stream it at  http://eddiekilgallon.bandcamp.com/ I wrote it for my mom back in 2007, and finally went into the studio and cut this version. I'm trying to surprise her this year with 1million hits on the YouTube video, so far up to 804,000. Yee ha.
Just wanted to share the good vibes with my peeps.
I hope you're all doing well, thanks for the years and years of support"

Did you click on it?  Beautiful song, huh?  Here's the video from YouTube, if you didn't use the link above.  Please help him reach the 1 million mark by "liking" it.

If you play this for YOUR mom, today, I guarantee she won't just "like" it.  Thanks, Eddie!  Keep those hits coming!  And happy Mother's Day to all.



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