Brian from the WGNA Morning Show had a chance to sit down and chat with the charismatic, energetic Jimmie Allen on Wednesday.  Hours before this Secret Star was set to take the stage at Proctors Theatre, Cody playfully asked Allen to call his beloved mom, Angela,  to wish her an early Happy Mother's Day, live, during the interview. He obliged, and momma answered after just one ring.  What happened next was a pretty cool moment and one that shows the bond between these two is loving and strong.

Jimmie Allen's song 'Best Shot' skyrocketed to the top of the country music charts in early 2019 and the future looks bright for this young star.  He credits his faith, tireless work ethic and his strong mom Angela for getting him to a place only he believed he could achieve.

Hard to imagine that just a few years ago, this man was living out of a car and picking up random odd-jobs to afford a sandwich. The sky's the limit for Allen, and his proud mom knows this is only the beginning!


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