Congrats, Nikos.  You're a Millionaire For A Day!  Too bad it isn't every day, but heck - when you're in 3rd grade, you take what you can get!  The story belowThis was a contest sponsored by First New York Federal Credit Union.  Spokesperson Ruth Schulman tells us that they have been teaching thousands of area students to save money thru their KID$ (Keep Investing Dollars Savings) program.  I guess with Nikos, the message sank in hard!

Nikos was a "school banker" who was randomly selected to be treated like a millionaire.  In fact, because of his "thriftiness", his entire class will get a waiter served lunch and several of his friends get the red carpet treatment (literally) as they are driven by limo to the Credit Union's headquarters to meet the CEO!  Quite impressive, don't you think? The next Donald Trump, ladies and gentleman!

Nikos Johnson
From NY Federal Credit Union press release

Don't you wish there were more practical things taught in school when we were growing up?  (Or shall I say, when I was growing up which was WAY before most of you - LOL)

Regardless - Congrats, Nikos! Keep saving that cash!

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