Instagram is probably my favorite form of social media and I love following local accounts. I found this new account based in Troy that's in part humorous and in part features a problem in Troy.

I first saw the Instagram account @TroyParking featured on The Alt. They reacted out to the account holder who wished to stay anonymous about the reason behind this new account. It may only have around 200 followers right now but it's starting a discussion that's been needed in Troy.

At first glance, it's pretty funny to see people's sad attempts at parking in the Collar City but then you see the reason behind it. Many people who live in Troy apparently (I wouldn't know, I'm from Schenectady) have issues with parking just to go home at night so @TroyParking said “When they can’t park, they get frustrated and then they jam their car into a spot that’s not a spot. It’s just funny.”

It may have real issue undertones but it's presented in a way that makes it a little more lighthearted and hopefully begins some serious discussions.

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