Lark Street in Albany is one of the busiest streets in the capital and to add to the bars and stores already there, you can soon add a new entertainment venue.

If you went to Art on Lark this past weekend then you probably saw signs for "Lark Hall." Well, I saw the sign trending online and was curious about this new business opening up in Albany. They don't really have a ton of information on their Facebook about any upcoming dates. Based on some pictures, I can probably assume that we shouldn't expect this by the end of the summer but I'm happy to see it's coming.

I tried to find more information on Zillow and according to them, the building was last sold in 2014. Apparently, the building was last occupied by eba, a not-for-profit theater and dance organization. A Facebook post they shared alluded to them wanting to not only be a destination for Albany but hopefully a community hub as well. I tried to get more information through Reddit and I guess they're hoping to open it as a music venue and a yoga studio will be there soon too. If I find more

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