New car seat laws will take effect in a couple of months and this weekend you can get help with installation and tips on how to make sure your child is safe in the car.
 According to News Channel 13, new state law will require children two years old and younger to be rear-facing in their car seats beginning November 1st. In years past, it was just a recommendation for children one-year-old or younger to be facing towards the rear in a car seat.

According to research, children often suffer serious injuries and trauma when they are front-facing in a car seat. Front-facing car seats can cause spine and neck injuries. Most parents and grandparents agree if rear-facing is safer, they will keep them that way until they are old enough to face the front.

Another concern is that car seats are installed properly. A study shows that nearly ninety percent of the seats installed is done incorrectly. There are two car seat install events this weekend. There is one on Saturday (September 21st) from 10am to 2pm at Clifton Park-Halfmoon EMS. There is also an event happening at Crossgates Mall in the overflow lot on Saturday from 11am until 2pm.

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