Some people treat themselves to a big present at Christmas, and a lot of times it is in the form of a new car. Safety first, I always say. Here are some of the safest mid priced sedans out on the market according to the IIHS, the institute that assigns safety numbers and ratings for vehicles independently. I hope there's one here that catches you eye. Now, you just have to find a 6 foot bow to stick on it! The numbering below is just random and does not have any bearing on the vehicles listed. If you click the highlighted title of each vehicle it links direct to their crash test scores from the IIHS.

5. Hyundai Sonata - The IIHS gave the dependable Hyundai Sonata great grades in overall safety, and the price is right on this one too.

4. Chevrolet Malibu - The Malibu got a great safety report card and is another great option that is reasonably priced.

3. Ford Focus 4 Door Model - This smaller sedan that is priced to move also scored very well in IIHS safety reports.

2. Dodge Dart- Dodge brought this one back into production for the 2013 model year, and it is safe and reasonably priced.

1. Honda Accord- The new Honda Accord got great grades in safety again as well.




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