There have been nearly forty deaths this year of children left in hot cars. Now carmakers are hoping to have sensors installed that will alert drivers to check the back seat. According to, carmakers will be installing electronic reminders to check the back seats in new cars by the 2025 model year. This is an effort to eliminate the mistake of leaving children in cars. Automakers that make up ninety-eight percent of the car companies have agreed to install the sensors.

The sensors that would be installed in the new vehicles will give drivers audible and visual alerts to make sure they check the back seat every time they turn the car off. A government regulation would take longer so the carmakers are doing a voluntary agreement that will get the sensors installed faster. The government would take eight years and the voluntary install would only take four.

General Motors already has a reminder on all of its four-door sedans, trucks and SUVs beginning with their 2019 models. Hyundai will be making a similar sensor standard on its vehicles by 2022.

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