The future is coming at us in leaps and bounds my friends, the things I am about to show you available in the Tesla Model S P85D will one day be much more commonplace and much much cheaper. This car can park itself at the store, park and unpark itself in the garage (including opening and closing the garage door itself) , and even drive itself on the highway.

It is also an electric car with all sorts of incredible features that will only get better with each new model. I can't even imagine how much I would love these features in my car but I have to say the highway autonomous driving is still just a little scary to me.

Here is the Tesla parking itself in a garage:

Clearly this is great if you have a garage that is a but too tight to be comfortably getting in and out of the car to park and pull out mush like my garage.

How about a parking on the street? Well it can do that too.

Finally check out the autonomous driving again, this one I think would scare me a little it is not quite as advanced as the Google self driving car but yet , it is pretty cool and I think in many ways probably safer than a tired or distracted human.



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