A new program to talk about!!  Price Chopper has started a BONUS Fuel Program!  I love it!  Each week, special items will be tagged with an opportunity to earn additional fuel discounts when you purchase them!

This week, I have listed all the BONUS fuel items and highlighted the ones you can pair with coupons on the printable shopping list!  There are even some paired with the Proctor & Gamble bonus, spend $30 get a $10 Visa Gift Card. There are SO many ways to save this week!  I am so excited to go shopping!


It’s STOCK UP time on cereal!  I am running low, as I only spend $1 or less on cereal, so you have to be too!  Pick up Cocoa Puffs and Cheerios for only $.50!!  The details on this deal are below on the printable shopping list!


Maxwell House or Price Chopper K cups are only $2.50 for a 12 ct. box!!  Load the coupon to your advantEdge card.  Vanity Fair napkins are again only $.80!!  Keebler cookies are at a stock up price of $1.35 each!


Facebook coupons are HUGE this week for both great deals and BONUS Fuel items!  I have detailed these on the printable shopping list.  Click below to get a FREE diet Pepsi while earning and additional $.10/Gallon and Price Chopper Tortilla chips 2 bags for $2.49 PLUS $.15/gallon!  Total for these 2 deals you will spend $7 and receive a BONUS of $.15/gallon!! I love this deal!


The last deal this week: Spend $30 on Proctor & Gamble products and get a $10 Visa Gift Card!  These items are listed on the printable shopping list with the matching coupons.   Here is one scenario you can use to maximize coupons and BONUS Fuel items:

Buy:       6 Pantene: $18, Use 2 BOGO FREE coupons & (1) $3/1 coupon  ($.09 Fuel BONUS)*

1 Crest Toothpaste:  $2.79, Use $1/1 coupon*

1 Olay Bar Soap: $54.99, Use $1/1 coupon*

1 Gillette Razors: $5.99, Use $2/1 coupon*

Total : $30.77 AFTER Coupons $18.77 PLUS $10 Visa Card PLUS $.09/Gallon Fuel BONUS!!

*See Printable shopping list for details

It seems a little confusing at first, but it’s all mapped out for you here on the printable shopping list.


CVS- FREE Clean Hair Shampoo/Conditioner $4.99 - Use your Extra Care Card at the coupon dispenser for a $4.99 Coupon!  FREE

Rite Aid - FREE Sensodyne Sample.  Just use your card at checkout!!

Walgreens: 2 Liter 7-Up, A&W Rootbeer, Canada Dry $1 - Get $1 in RR  =  FREE!!

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Happy Shopping!