In early 2019 it looks like we will be adding another area code to go with the 518!That right. The 518 could soon have another area code right along side of it. According to the Times Union,  the telecom industry has asked regulators to create another area code for the Capital Region. Apparently the 518 is getting low on available phone numbers. According to Neustar, we are on pace to run out of numbers in early 2019. They have asked regulators to begin the process of approving a new area code.

As you would assume, the Neustar petition says all current 518ers will keep their current numbers. And according to the Times Union article, the new area code would last about 50 years. The only real inconvenience here is you will now need to dial the full 10 digit number when calling locally. Which really is not that big of an inconvenience.

So in early 2019, you may not be just from the 518 anymore. That said, it's only a phone number. And maybe the new area code will have a catchy new angle. Or maybe, it's just a number. ;)

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