Social Media and the internet make it hard to be a parent. Granted, I'm not a parent but I can't even imagine trying to keep tabs on what your kids are doing with all of the different ways they can communicate.

Gallery Guardian is an app that started in the United Kingdom to help parents by protecting children from inappropriate images on their mobile devices. According to Mashable, it's been available in the UK since earlier this year but as of yesterday is finally available over here.

The way it works, you pair the app with your child's phone using a special code you've created. Then, the app will scan their phone and instantly notify you when a suspicious image has been detected. According to their website, 3 out of 5 teenagers say they have been asked for sexual images or videos. It allows you to track multiple phones for multiple children.

What's interesting about this app though, is that you can't actually see what the picture is that your child found. You will get an alert that they received something out of the ordinary but they still keep some level of privacy with the children. They say they can't guarantee that they will catch everything inappropriate but it's a good start to protecting your kids.

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