There is a movie on Netflix that everyone is watching. So many people, in fact, it has shattered all records of people who have checked it out. I watched it over the holiday and liked it, but didn't get the hype around it.  I was one of the forty five million Netflix accounts that streamed the original movie, Bird Box, within the first week it was offered. According to WIVB, this makes its debut a record breaker for Netflix.

The concept of the movie, Bird Box, is that it is set in a time where a mysterious supernatural entity causing people to kill themselves if they look at it. So they are forced to wear blindfolds.

I thought that it was a very intense movie. But I found some parts annoying and frustrating. I wasn't invested in the main character, Mallory, played by Sandra Bullock which I found to be a major flaw. There was also, I felt, a lot of unnecessary gore.

These are just my opinions on the movie. If you like a certain amount of suspense and gore, then you may find Bird Box more appealing than I did.

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