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Sandra Bullock May Play Tupperware Exec Brownie Wise in New Movie
It has been reported that Sandra Bullock is hoping to star as Brownie Wise, the sales executive responsible for the idea of the Tupperware Party and the rise of Tupperware's popularity.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film will be a period drama lead by 'The Help' director Tat…
Hank Jr. Movie Music
In one of the opening scenes of the George Clooney/Sandra Bullock Oscar Winning movie Gravity, the voice of Hank Williams, Jr. is heard loud and clear. What is the song blaring in the space suit?
Sandra Bullock is One of My Favorite Actresses
God broke the mold when he made Sandra Bullock.  After everything the Oscar winner has gone through in the last year with her martial problems, Bullock still manages to be stoic and generous amid her personal life.