Pitbull Just Wants to Be Your New BFF, Meet Chynna [VIDEO]
Steve Caporizzo always gets the best animals for each Pet Connection, which I'm sure is because there are amazing dogs in these local shelters looking to be a part of your family. Tonight's dog is no different. Please make Chynna a new member of your family.
What I learned Watching The CMT Music Awards
I should tell you when I first decided to write this review of the CMT Music Awards I was pretty sure it was going to be pretty negative in nature. When I began to watch the show I was being barraged by celebrity cameos, r&b remixes, crazy outfits, and even a performance by Pitbull, yes the rapp…
Watch Dog Make His Own Swing
Kids, don't try this at home. My brother has a pitbull boxer mix and while I love him to death, I call him DBD which stands for "dumb butt dog." He's done many dumb things in the time that my brother has had him (and while I had him while my brother was in Iraq as a fire …