This week, all the major networks will be unveiling their schedules for next season.

 --NBC is up first. Here's a quick list of the 12 new shows:

"Awake":  British actor Jason Isaacs plays a police detective who finds himself in two realities after a car accident on the job.  You'd know Isaacs as Draco Malfoy's dad in the "Harry Potter"movies.  It also stars Wilmer Valderrama. Pretty excited about this one. Jason Isaacs is a very under -rated actor. I loved him in "Brotherhood".

 "Are You There, Vodka?  It's Me, Chelsea":  The story is loosely based on Chelsea Handler's life.  "That '70s Show" star Laura Prepon plays Chelsea, and Chelsea will have a recurring role as her own sister. Not sure how the book will work on network tv.

 "Bent":  A sitcom starring Amanda Peet as a recently divorced mom.  It's about her relationship with the contractor she hired to redo her kitchen. I fully expect to be telling you this one got cancelled with in 6 episodes.

 "BFFs":  The title, of course, stands for Best Friends Forever.  It's about "a woman and her live-in boyfriend who wind up taking in her distraught and pushy best girlfriend after a divorce."  Not going to watch this one.

 "The Firm":  It's based on the 1991 John Grisham novel, which was made into a Tom Cruise movie back in 1993.  The series will take place 10 years after the movie left off.  I will check this out.

"Free Agents":  A sitcom starring Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn as P.R. execs on "romantic rebounds."  It's based on a British show of the same name.  Hank is famous for his "Simpsons" voices, and Kathryn played Lily on "Crossing Jordan".

 "Grimm":  A drama about cops who protect innocent people from the kinds of evil beasts that were described in Grimm's Fairy Tales. I've been excited about this one for months now.

 "The Playboy Club":  A drama about a Chicago Playboy club set in the 1960s.  It stars Amber Heard and "Mr Leann Rimes" Eddie Cibrian.  

"Prime Suspect":  A remake of a British crime show that starred Helen Mirren.  This U.S. version will star Maria Bello.

 "Smash":  A "musical drama" starring Debra Messing, former "American Idol"runner-up Katherine McPhee and Anjelica Huston.  Some people are saying it's like "Glee" for adults. YAWN!!!

 "Up All Night":  A sitcom starring Christina Applegate as a working mother and Will Arnett as her stay-at-home husband.  It also stars Maya Rudolph.

 "Whitney":  A "relationship comedy" based on the standup comedy of Whitney Cummings. She's a very foul mouth comic. I have trouble thinking this will work anywhere except maybe HBO or Showtime.

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