This is the time of year the major TV networks start to lay out what shows will be clogging our DVR's this Fall. First out of the gate is NBC and for the third straight year they have a ton of new shows. "The Voice" will return with all four judges this Fall and will also get a Spring season. No word on who the judges will be for the Spring season yet. Rumor is it won't be Blake, Adam, Cee-lo and X-tina.

Here's a quick run-down of the 16 new shows:

"Go On" Mathew Perry returns to sitcom TV as a miserable sportscaster who returns to work after losing his wife in a car accident. Sounds "funny" to me.

"The New Normal" another sitcom about a gay male couple and their surrogate who's a Midwestern waitress with issues. The guy that came up with "Glee"  Ryan Murphy is behind this one.

"Animal Practice" A comedy about a male veterinarian in New York whose ex-girlfriend is put in charge of the animal hospital he works at.

"Guys With Kids" Jimmy Fallon created this show about three men in their 30's that just became fathers.

"Save Me" yet another comedy. Anne Heche is a woman who almost dies after choking on a ham sandwich. When she is revived she realizes she has a direct line to God.

"1600 Penn" A COMEDY(starting to notice a theme here) Bill Pullman (president in Independence Day) and Jenn Elfman as the First Couple. NBC says it's "Modern Family" in The West Wing.

"Next Caller" Dane Cook is a foul mouthed shock jock and is forced to pair up with a chipper NPR feminist.

Ok this next one is a drama and it's from J.J. Abrams. "Revolution" is about a post-apocalyptic world with no technology.

"Chicago Fire" A drama about firefighters and paramedics in a Chicago fire house.

"Do No Harm" is like a modern day "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" about a gifted neurosurgeon with a dark side.

"Infamous" a drama about a FBI agent trying to prove the death of a wealthy socialite and notorious party girl was a homicide when everyone else thinks it was a overdose.

"Hannibal" Inspired by the Hannibal Lecter books. A FBI agent teams up with Hannibal to solve murders not realizes he's a killer.

"Stars Earn Stripes" A reality show where celebrities compete in "real military exercises". No word on a cast yet.

"Howie Mandel's White Elephant" A game show inspired by White Elephant, The holiday gift swapping game.

"Ready For Love" a game show where "three impossibly handsome grooms" are teamed up with three matchmakers who scour America to find them wives.

"Surprise with Jenny McCarthy" A variety show hosted by Jenny McCarthy that "gives people the surprise of their lives"

NBC is cancelling "Are You There, Chelsea?", "Awake", "Bent", "Best Friends Forever", "Harry's Law" and "The Firm".

And bringing back "The Biggest Loser", "30 Rock", "Community", "Grimm", "Law & Order:  Special Victims Unit", "Parenthood", "Parks and Recreation", "Smash", "Up All Night", "The Voice", "Whitney", "The Office" and "Celebrity Apprentice".