Dave is done.  Very hard to believe it, but technically he was and still is the longest running late nite talk show host!  Those are big shoes to fill.  Who do you think has the right size feet? Colbert? Conan?  Let's take a poll, shall we? 

I got that fact from Bloomberg.com, by the way. Amazing when you think of it.  Dave is 66 years old now and just formally announced that he was leaving.  The audience seemed stunned at first.  It kind of came out of nowhere!

David Letterman Retirement Stephen Colbert Late Show Replacement

Now the guy shaking his hand… would you watch the show if Mr. Colbert took the chair? Don't answer that quite yet.  Please click below and take the short poll…  I will read results on an upcoming S&R show.  Let's see if you prove to be right (and no, if Sean, Bethany and I are chosen, we will not leave the area….unlucky for you!!)

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