I am a huge NASCAR fan. I watch just about every race, have parties for the Daytona 500 much like a Super Bowl party, collect die-cast cars, wear the apparel, you know the whole bit. But when people would ask me about the points system and how it works I couldn't give them an answer that wasn't confusing. Basically because I had no idea myself!!

Well, I certainly wasn't alone as NASCAR has scrapped their old points system with a new simpler system.

Plain and simply a race winner will receive 43 points under the new system, and the points will decrease down to 1 for the 43rd-place driver. There will be three bonus points for the winner, one bonus point for every driver who leads a lap, and one bonus point to the driver that leads the most laps. I can certainly explain that to my non-NASCAR loving friends then with the old way!
This is way NASCAR Chairman Brian France told the media about the change:
"Now everyone will know, when a driver is down by 10 points, that he needs to pass 11 more cars to take the lead in the point standings," France said. "We hada point system that's hard to describe for ourselves. We just thought this was the perfect time to simplify it so people can follow."
You know when the people who make up the system don't know themselve how to describe it, that it is time for a change!