Kids are going back to school this week and that means school buses are back on the roads. A new law passed last month that will help catch drivers who pass school buses and the fines are hefty.
 According to News 10 ABC, the new stop-arm camera law gives local law enforcement an easier way to catch those people who are passing stopped school buses. There is a cost, however, but fines may ease the burden.

Law enforcement officials say that if you are caught by the stop-arm cameras, you will be fined up to two-hundred-fifty dollars and up to five points on your license. If they can't identify who is driving, the registered driver will be fined. These fines will help reimburse the cost of the equipment. The companies are willing to front the costs for the cameras and the money from fines will help give the money back.

Please remember to stop when you see the red flashing lights of a school bus in both directions. The stop-arm camera has been added to curb this problem even more. Hopefully, this will make drivers stop for children getting on and off the school bus.

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